January 26, 2009

my wet dream~

first and foremost, this information is too private...if any material from this page is expose to the public, the do'er would be prosecuted by akta 144...(if i not mistaken la....to conclde, jgn sebarkn kpd org ramai...baca n lyn seniri je...)
well....it is quite embarrassing to tell others bout this type of dream..but i still want to tell bout it..coz...i think my dream previously was weird!!! i meant too weird....when i speak with my friend about our wet dreams, most of them would tell bout doing sex with beautiful girl...their description are very detailed!! very impressive to hear their elaboration and sometimes their stories are quite exaggerating....(e.g. they often do the demonstration but virtually)...btw, my latest story are totally different!!
that night, i sleep at 11 p.m.(yoyo or je), too early i think....it is because i was too tired that night...i done a lot of works during the day..for example, washed my own shirt, took care of the cows, packing before going back to S.T.A.R...
when i started to have a little trip to a slumberland, i hear a voice calling for my name...very soft voice, i cant see her face cause the light are too white! i try to get close with her....however, my confusion aren't solve! instead, something unfortunate happened! suddenly she become a monster...(umm, i mean ghost)...
the next phase of my dream are very tiring, i run....run....run....run...for almost an hour(i think)......until at a moment i fell like i am going to pee....lol! because i was too scared, i didn't stop to pee, instead i was peeing when i run....hahahaa...how stupid i was in my dream...then, i woke up...
another daunt overwhelming myself....i scared that i pee on the bed!!i would be scold by mum!!! but, i am wet but i don't think i smell any pee water unique smell....plus, the wet isn't too much but just a bit...
the weird thing is i don't know how i can be like that....is it a real wet dream?

btw, here are one of the inspirational source that make me to tell others about my weird wet dream....the singer is a woman, so it is more embarrassing to be defeated by a girl...if girl can confess their wet dream...why the boys can't....think about it...hhahahaha...

my wet dream

i know i shouldn't think about you,
but i do
cause thing morning i woke up wet,
yes i do
you and i doing bang bang bang
in the back of your mother's car
for hours we did the same same same
again in the other car
i know i shouldn't talk about you
but i do
i say oh my god
he so fuckable
yes i do
and you said that you love love love
my ass cause it is really big
softly kiss my bum bum bum
until you fell asleep
you say oh please come closer
whisper in my ear
and i do
you say scream my name louder
tell me you love it
and i do
and you move faster and faster
just like a sex machine
and i scream louder and louder
i love your dick
and now when i look at you
i red like a tomato
i hardly articulate
hello and i so shame
cause everynight everynight i see you in my dream
you act like a pornstar and i suck your cock like a whore
i fell like a whore when i see you in my dream
i fell like a whore when i see you in my wet dream
i fell like a whore when i see you in my dream
i fell like a whore when i see you in my wet dream
i fell like a whore when i see you in my dream
i fell like a whore when i see you in my wet dream

semua cerita2 above is fiksyen belaka.....jgn pecaya sngat bnda2 karot nih!

January 17, 2009

don't judge a book by it's cover.....

weird...why peoples often misjudge someone...r they stupid? the answer is nope!!! it is human nature... as it is bad situation, instead of doing nothing... we hav 2 do sumtin'... we need to change... by the way, here r example of misconception that happen in the world now...
#example one

is he definitely a gay?
people who see him wearin' that T-shirt would say him as a gay!
however, what if he is a straight guy?
indeed, there r lots of prove can be a reason why he is not a gay
for instance, his body posture
none of homo' would like a skinny guy
besides, he doesn't wear a tight jeans
instead, he prefer to wear baggie jeans

#example 2

if someone see it at first, they would think these gurl are reading book
their impression about this gurl r good
however, once again, people would misjudge them
why would i say that?
the reason r=
1. no book as thick as that dictionary in this world, the weird thing is, how come they become very interested with such a thick dictionary. very illogical!
2. why are they smiling?
after few discussion, my friends n i conclude that these gurl r just posing in front of the camera.

as the conclusion, never make an early conclusion about something.
"don't ever ever judge a book by it's cover"