January 17, 2009

don't judge a book by it's cover.....

weird...why peoples often misjudge someone...r they stupid? the answer is nope!!! it is human nature... as it is bad situation, instead of doing nothing... we hav 2 do sumtin'... we need to change... by the way, here r example of misconception that happen in the world now...
#example one

is he definitely a gay?
people who see him wearin' that T-shirt would say him as a gay!
however, what if he is a straight guy?
indeed, there r lots of prove can be a reason why he is not a gay
for instance, his body posture
none of homo' would like a skinny guy
besides, he doesn't wear a tight jeans
instead, he prefer to wear baggie jeans

#example 2

if someone see it at first, they would think these gurl are reading book
their impression about this gurl r good
however, once again, people would misjudge them
why would i say that?
the reason r=
1. no book as thick as that dictionary in this world, the weird thing is, how come they become very interested with such a thick dictionary. very illogical!
2. why are they smiling?
after few discussion, my friends n i conclude that these gurl r just posing in front of the camera.

as the conclusion, never make an early conclusion about something.
"don't ever ever judge a book by it's cover"


piduskema said...

dun judge a book by its cover
w'pon aku ni nmpak cm gay
tp aku lessbian

cikgucci said...

mmg lah.tp pade ak,ape y kite pki mencerminkn dri kite neh.
klo bab baju 2.
pki t-shirt 2 then jln ngn gurl!
xde r nmpk sgt.tp i2 cume tshirt aje.
persepsi orng laen2.terpulanglah orng nk nilai cmne.tringn benor pki ajelah!hahahha
bab pompuan 2.normal!

fakhruddin said...

hey dude!
finally found your blog!
how's life?

haha i like your 'gay' shirt
it's quite cool and distinctive
but it doesn't mean i'm a gay!
"don't misjudge" =p

eh, my textbooks now are mostly
as thick as that
and i feel like die hell
reading them!
what the fuck! haha

eh don't smoke!
and like your afro style =)

faux fay said...

ok dua2 gmbr smua plakon hebt..

az said...

i agree with ur post.. i hope none of our frens do this..

Syahmi Yem said...

i hate those who misjudged me. i have a few situation that really happened to me.

1st: mase aku pegi bace yasin kt surau. somebody said, eleh, 2 nk mkn free je r tu...

2nd: mase aku nk isi minyak. somebody said, dik, ktorg x jual minyak kt mat rempit.

3rd: mase aku jumpe kwn lame aku. somebody said, muke ney nk pegi amerika? dah r simpan ekor...

4th: mase aku keje kelindan lori pas SPM. somebody said, dik, nape malas belajar? tgok anak pakcik ney.. dapat tawaran buat ijazah kt USM... (ble ak ckp ak nk pegi oversea, dye trus diam).

Conclusion: FUCK those guys!!!!!

ALeEn AziZ said...

hahaha... ape la syahmi... cian ko...
huhuh biase la tuh... fikiran mansia ni mane same...
nway... nice pics.. haha